About me

Takatomo Homma (b.1973)


Strangely enough, making art was not something on his mind until much later in his life.

Takatomo started drawing and painting around 2004, after he came back to Japan after 

several years overseas.


Born and raised in Tokyo, Japan, Takatomo moved to Los Angeles in his early twenties where he soaked up the sun and a new life overseas. It was there that he attended LAMA (Los Angeles Music Academy) in 2000, to study drumming with some of the best musicians in the industry. 


Back home while he continued to play drumming and playing music,

he gradually found himself immersed in making art. Within a couple of years, he was presented with opportunities to exhibit at small galleries and alternative spaces around Tokyo. Soon, exhibitions and art fair overseas in Europe, Australia and U.S. followed.





| 2011 |


April: The Merchant of Dream Show, Primo Piano Living Gallery, Lecce, Italy


March: Art Expo New York 2011: Manhattan, NY


| 2010 |


April: Art Melbourne: Melbourne, Australia


| 2009 |


July  "Japanese Spirit" at Opera Gallery, Budapest, Hungary


June  World Art Expo '09, Orange County, California


| 2008 |


October  Japanese Contemporary Art, Opera Gallery, Budapest, Hungary


| 2007 |


May  Group Exhibition, at the gallery, "And Zone", Tokyo

February Face・Exhibition, GSF(Gallery Space Factory), Tokyo


| 2006 |


November  "Academic Virgin", Kyoto Zokei University